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Enterprise Automotive is the #1 Myrtle Beach Auto Repair Shop Providing Full-Service Automotive Needs

Enterprise Automotive has been owned and operated by myself – Ray Huynn – for more than 25 years, and is the leading Myrtle Beach auto repair shop in the area. With numerous certifications to my name, including being ASE certified, I am not only qualified to service your car or truck, but I will take personal pride in ensuring that the job is done right.

I am able to offer my customers automotive repairs in Myrtle Beach, as well as providing them with preventative maintenance and full-service options on most import and domestic cars and trucks, and I specialize in Chrysler™, Lexus™, Acura™, Honda™, Toyota™, Nissan™, and GM™, among others. From tire pressure checks to scheduled maintenance on your vehicle and everything in between, Enterprise Automotive and Ray Huynn are names you will always be able to depend on.

My Mission as the top Myrtle Beach Auto Repair Shop

When I first established Enterprise Automotive I was on a mission to build relationships which were long lasting and respectful with each and every one of my customers, while at the same time providing them with an auto shop in Myrtle Beach that they would be happy to return to year after year.

I am happy to say that I have lived up to that mission, as my many returning customers would testify to. Ask around town and they will all tell you I am the #1 Myrtle Beach Auto Repair shop.

Enterprise Automotive was built on the foundations of trust, respect, honesty and integrity, and these foundations have been established through providing an extraordinary service with a “Do it right – no shortcuts, no exceptions” attitude. I am a one-man operation who works as a team with his customers by making sure the lines of communication are constantly open, and by keeping them informed of what is going on with their vehicle every step of the way.

Let me help you and your Vehicle

If you are having any kind of automobile problems, Enterprise Automotive will be happy to help. Call to make an appointment, ask advice or get a quote or estimate. Alternatively, visit my auto shop in Myrtle Beach and let me take a Myrtle Beach Auto Repair look and give you a price for what needs to be done. My prices are realistically the lowest you will find at any car repair shop in Myrtle Beach, but my work is also of the best quality.

When calling with enquiries about a vehicle repair, please help me to help you by being as specific as possible about your vehicles problem; if the problem only occurs at certain speeds, for example, or if you are braking or turning. How long has the problem been going on for? Has this happened before? Has the vehicle been repaired for the same problem elsewhere or has it had any recent services or repairs carried out? Any information you can give me will help me to make a proper diagnosis the first time; saving you both time and money.

Read further for a breakdown of the services I am able to provide for you and your vehicle and a brief outline of the importance of ensuring that these parts function properly in or on your vehicle.

Your Top Myrtle Beach Auto Repair Air Conditioning Specialist

To prevent a vehicles air conditioning system from cracking or drying out and developing leaks in the system it will need to be internally lubricated. By making sure that you run your air conditioner on a regular basis throughout the summer and winter months you can help your AC components stay lubricated and in good condition.

If your air conditioning unit doesn’t keep you cool, your heater doesn’t keep you warm or your defroster won’t clear the windows, it could be an indication that your AC unit is not working as it should be. Call into Enterprise Automotive, your one stop Myrtle Beach auto repair shop, and have your AC system checked for leaks.

Cooling System

If you have noticed yellow, orange or green fluid beneath your vehicle, you are maybe losing coolant through a leak. Engine damage, leaking components or gaskets or loose hoses or belts could be the cause. Enterprise Automotive will be able to diagnose and repair the fault and ensure that your engine runs as smoothly and coolly as it should.


It is vital to your engine to ensure that coolant in the form of antifreeze is used in order to prevent water or the fluid in closed cooling systems from freezing, expanding and damaging the engine block or other components. The correct coolant also enables the cooling system to dissipate and remove heat due to boiling water.


Brake inspection, installation and service are an integral part of vehicle maintenance, and it is advisable to have brakes checked annually for signs of wear and tear. If your brakes need the attention of a mechanic and you need to find a good Myrtle Beach auto repair shop, come and seem me, Ray, at Enterprise Automotive.

If you are unsure if your brakes need attention, the following guide will help you decide:

  • If your brake pedal feels spongy or low it could be an indication of the hydraulic system having air in it.
  • An imbalance in the braking system could be indicated by a red warning light on the dash.
  • Problems with the ABS system could be indicated by an amber warning light on the dash.
  • Rotors or pads that are wearing out could cause extreme heat to be dissipated during braking.
  • If your pads or brakes squeal or grind during braking then visit a Myrtle Beach automotive shop and come to Enterprise Automotive for replacements.
  • If shoes or drums are worn then the brake pedal travels further and less heat is dissipated.

Any of the above mentioned problems can cause a car to take longer and further to stop, or having difficulty stopping in time in an emergency. If any of these symptoms or problems has been noticed, I urge you to have your brakes checked at an auto shop in Myrtle Beach.

Belts and Hoses

Power steering pumps, fans, water pumps, air injection pumps, air conditioning compressors and alternators are all powered by a series of pulleys and belts. Fuel, brake fluid and coolant are all transferred with the use of steel lines and hoses. Any of these belts and hoses can, over time, become damaged or worn, causing leaks, rusting and cracks. Take your vehicle to be checked and services regularly at the number one car repair shop in Myrtle Beach; Enterprise Automotive.

Coolant Hoses: Crucial to the cooling system of the engine, coolant hoses transfer antifreeze to the heater core and radiator. Brittle, split, cracked hoses, or hoses with soft spots need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Serpentine Belts: Transferring power to an engine’s accessories from the vehicles crankshaft, if the serpentine belt should break damage to the engine can be caused through power steering loss, charging loss or the engine overheating. Squealing, slipping, splitting or cracking are all signs of wear to the serpentine belt, and should be checked at your local Myrtle Beach automotive shop as soon as possible.

Timing Belts: Driving the camshaft is the timing belt, which is a reinforced, toothed belt. Synchronization of the distributor, crankshaft and camshaft is ensured by this timing belt. If your engine stops or backfires then the timing belt may need replacing.

Your vehicle will only be as dependant as the parts used on it, and regular mechanical inspections and services are crucial in maintaining that everything runs smoothly. Enterprise Automotive; the Myrtle Beach auto repair shop, will be able to put your mind at rest by carrying out a vehicle inspection for you. I will also be able to perform any maintenance on your vehicle; routine or otherwise, so that you can drive safely; confident in the performance of your vehicle. For more information about the best Myrtle Beach Auto Repair shop, contact Ray at (843) 903-3731.

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